Sunday, May 11, 2008

Inaugural Post of VG

It's funny that I have so much I want to talk about and say, yet getting started seems to be the hardest part. No matter how hard I try to think of where to begin, I draw a blank.

So that's where I'm going to start. The blank. This position where I have no real starting point and no stride. I hear that it's easy once you get into it, so we'll see. The point of VG is to give my own opinion on whatever I am talking about. Partly this will be gay news and current affairs and the rest will be a random assortment of whatever. This opinion is based on my own views. I do try and inform myself as much as I can, but I don't offer any qualification for my positions besides that I am a gay man who has an interest in his community in all its forms.

I'm a young person. 21, to be precise. I can imagine a lot of you going "aww, a baby!," it's OK, I get it a lot. Part of the purpose behind this blog is to give a different voice for my generation of gay people. I don't presume to talk for them, but I do want to put out there that younger gay men do have minds of their own. A lot of the gay blogs I've read (and honestly really enjoy) are written by men in their thirties and beyond. There is little from the POV of a younger gay guy. I think this gives the false impression that younger gay people don't care about their community, about the world around them, being too busy getting pissed and being self absorbed or whatever. I hope to differ from that impression.

So here we go. Post one, hoping I find my stride.

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Ululatus sapiens, nSJ said...

Welcome to the bloggsphere, BeĆ²! ;)

Congratulations! Hope you get many visitors and faithful readers!