Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So I have a bunch of stuff to blog on, I just haven't had time what with my BIG FAT RAISE AT WORK AND ALL! Ahem. So everything from gay marriage in California, to Medhi Kazemi finally getting asylum back in the UK, but I'm going to start off with:


Eurovision is the gayest thing ever. And by God I love it. You should to. In fact, I love it so much, I'm posting my four favourite entries down below. One was already been cut away in the first semi final (cry) one of them made it through to the final (yay!) and two we'll find out about on Thursday. The final is on Saturday, so I won't be watching it (cry) but I'll watch it online after the fact (yay!).

People are always hard on Eurovision. It's too campy, it's too stupid; it's outdated and useless. No-one takes it seriously! But then again, this is one of the only things that brings a large block of Europe outside of the EU together, even with all of the tactical voting. And for all of the things to bring Europe together, a song contest is most certainly a fun way of doing it. And with 43 countries participating this year, it's grown into a huge event. May the Grand Prix go on forever!

My favourite entries: (in order: Iceland, Armenia, Belgium, Ukraine.)

And because I feel like I should support the country, the UK entry is below as well. And, don't get me started on Dustin the Effing Turkey. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Normally I am not in the least bit opposed to Eurovision, but this time it is causing me to have to wait another week for Doctor Who, which is a travesty.

Anonymous said...

You obviously like the Ukraine one so much you posted it twice ;)

Michael said...

The funny thing is that originally, Eurovision was a lot more serious and musically-minded than it is today. Today, it's about shtick more than anything else. I saw the beginnings of this in 1979 with Dshingis Khan. I then went back over the history of Eurovision and saw that a lot of great songs and great singers (and some not so great, like ABBA - and yes, I know they're popular, but I am entitled to my opinion) have come out of the contest.